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Try our products and enjoy anti-aging cosmeceuticals.
5th Avenue Cosmetics

5th Avenue Cosmeceuticals is cosmopolitan chic with a healthy glow. Look your best and feel even better as you walk the high-fashion concrete runway down New York’s 5th Avenue. Style meets healthy feeling when you apply 5th Avenue Cosmetics. Feel younger, look younger, be younger. High fashion meets healthy living and looking great on the outside while you feel younger on the inside. Quicken your step, pick up the pace, and get in the groove of highbrow 5th Avenue shops and shows. Get the looks and feel like a million bucks; your glow is on and your sparkle is shimmering. You just might be the star you feel you are.
5th Avenue Cosmeceuticals.

  1. a cosmetic that has medicinal properties, especially anti-aging ones.


Dr. Irene Medwid and Dr. Janet Shefts, co-founders of the innovative Central Park Chiropractic Group, have been on the leading-edge of premium anti-aging skin-care technology for over three decades. Now, with their power-packed, innovative skincare line the doctors are able to reach beyond the walls of their New York City offices and deliver real cosmetic results, backed by multiple well documented clinical studies, to those who are searching for the safest, most effective and best non-surgical anti-aging solutions available.


In New York City, 5th Avenue is known for its premier shopping, luxury accomodations, and high-brow style.

5th Avenue Cosmeceuticals are special, hand-crafted formulations that are designed to soothe, beautify, and rejuvenate.

We believe that a singular focus on creating the highest quality cosmetics with true anti-aging properties is what it takes to make a product worthy of 5th Avenue prestige.

Try our products, and indulge in a walk down the most famous street in the world.


Central Park Chiropractic (CPC) – Has been serving the Greater NYC area for over 30 years. Central Park Chiropractic provides quality, reputable, personalized care.

CPC is located at the intersection of Columbus Circle, Central Park and Broadway – one of the busiest hubs in New York City. We pride ourselves in not only helping our patients with dysfunction and dis-ease but also teaching them how to live a lifestyle of optimum health, longevity and wellness from the inside out and the outside in. We strive for optimum health and peak performance levels for our patients regardless of age, while providing healthy drug free solutions for the entire family. We believe everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential for their entire life.

Our doctors serve a diverse clientele of business people, families, athletes of all levels and entertainers. We are on-call for many Broadway Theatres, hotels and performance venues in the NYC area and have treated singers, dancers and actors at their most crucial moments. Our passion for bringing relief to people’s lives is the core of what drives Dr. Medwid (Dr. Irene) and Dr. Shefts ( Dr. J) and defines CPC ideals in all facets of life.


  • To inspire our community to experience a fulfilled-life through personalized care and lifestyle services.
  • To provide unprecedented healthy-living resources and viable skin-care solutions to our valued patients.
  • To educate our community regarding health-and-wellness topics all while concentrating energy and focus on Anti-Aging, Quality of Life Improvement and Youth-Enhancement results.


Dr. Janet and Dr. Irene met as children and have been great friends since the age of 10 years old. Dr. Janet decided to pursue her Chiropractic career after sustaining a career ending injury while training with the USA National team. At that same time, Dr. Medwid was doing her pre-med studies at Ithaca College. Dr. Medwid saw what her friend was studying and decided she would switch her focus from Medicine to Chiropractic and they would ultimately open a practice in New York City. Central Park Chiropractic (CPC) is a medical practice at which each Doctor has different strengths; CPC patients get the best of both Doctors. It is quite unique, but it works very well for all CPC patients.

Over the years, Central Park Chiropractic has evolved and there have been many new innovations in health and anti-aging. CPC has kept up with these anti-aging and youth enhancement innovations. CPC patients receive the benefits of health from the-inside-out and the-outside-in. CPC patients always look younger and feel better.


Dr. Janet Shefts

Founding Partner

Dr. Janet (aka “Dr. J”) is a founding partner of Central Park Chiropractic. Passion for bringing relief to people’s lives is the core of what drives Dr. J and defines her ideals in all aspects of life.

Prior to settling in Manhattan (NY City), Dr. Janet taught Biology, Health, Physical Education and coached young female athletes. She had the privilege of competing internationally with the USA National Olympic Handball Team while also serving as an officer of the USA Handball Federation and Delegate to the USA Olympic Committee. Dr. Shefts earned her degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1986 and has a BS in Education from Adelphi University. Dr. Janet currently volunteers with Vets-Help and Team Patriot- organizations that provide assistance to returning Vets, their families and the abilities community overall. She is a strong advocate of heart health, especially involved in raising awareness with women.

Dr. Irene Medwid

Founding Partner

Dr. Medwid (aka “Dr Irene”) is a founding partner of Central Park Chiropractic. Dr. Irene specializes in Cranio-sacral therapy, sports injuries, health and wellness and youth enhancement. Dr. Medwid is also a college professor, teaching Anatomy and Physiology.

Dr. Medwid earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1986 from New York Chiropractic College and is a member of Phi Chi Omega, the international Chiropractic College Honor Society. She achieved her M.S. (Master of Science) in Athletic Training and Education from Michigan State University degree and is a former Athletic Trainer at Ithaca College in NY and also at Michigan State University. She graduated Magna cum Laude from Adelphi University. Dr. Irene currently volunteers with Vets-Help and Team Patriot- organizations that provide assistance to returning Vets, their families and the abilities community overall. Dr. Irene is passionate about helping her patients live and attain their maximum potential for health and wellness.


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